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Pruemsup Villa Project – 11.2 Kwp Hybrid inverter with LiFePO4 battery


Objective. Initially to reduce electric bill substantially.
AC coupled Lithium batteries added later to go 99% offgrid. Only partially utilizing the grid on cloudy days.

This system may reach approximate savings per year ~72,082 Kilowatt Hour electricity units
~331,577+ THB compared to Grid Electricity consumption 49.80 Tons of CO2 pollution prevented from going into the atmosphere, every year.

Item Description Design / Manufacturer or Brand
Type system 11.2 Kwp Hybrid Grid Tie PV Solar System  Monosun & Just Solar
 Array panel type 14 of 380Wp All Black Monocrystalline PV Panels  Monosun
 Inverter type Alpha ESS hybrid Inverters Alpha ESS
 Battery type 2 of 5.7 Kwp Smile 5 battery Smile 5

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