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Your Local EPC Wholesale & Retail Solar Company

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Residential PV Solar

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Thermal Solar Water Heaters

MonoSun provide a full range of solar renewable energy solutions. Engineer Solar PV Electric Generating & Thermal Solar Water Heating Systems from site survey, design, procurement, construction (EPC) commissioning and after sales servicing.
We mainly provide for residential, homes, resorts, hotels, warehouses, factories, schools and on remote island locations and boats.
MonoSun also wholesale to large scale commercial projects as well as to other solar installer companies in Thailand and overseas.
Retail parts from a variety of the highest quality manufacturers’ brands and partners for own solar panels and battery brands.
We offer what’s the best for your particular project location environment and budget.

Here are a few ways you can do that

Connected to the main grid as a supplement or to zero your electricity bill or when the government incentive available, it is possible to make an income.
Install an Off-Grid Systems, if your location is on a remote island or countryside areas with where there is no mains electricity.
Supplement and power entire islands by adding solar to existing diesel generators in the form or our Diesel/Solar Hybrid Fuel Saver Systems.
Many other applications can be powered by solar such as: billboard signs, mobile food stalls lighting, water well, swimming pool pumping and much more.
It is our passion and goal to provide quality reliable effective affordable solar and wind power to everyone.

In the past solar has been rather expensive, that is not the case these days.

There has been substantial reduction in the price of solar modules over the recent years due to increased technology and mass production in conjunction with careful configuration of components & equipment to harmonize and synchronize synergies.
You may have heard a lot about Solar and Wind Power but don’t know where to start
Perhaps you don’t know what works or not and where to obtain the solar panels & parts and etc.

"Worry no more"

MonoSun is here to meet all your solar and wind power challenges. We provide an extensive range of Solar and Wind Power Parts also the systems at our showroom/store service center and warehouse in Phuket.
Our systems are specifically designed in accordance to suite every individual customer’s unique and specific requirements.
Today’s modern solar systems are reliable and long lasting, “PV solar panels are built to last more than 25 years”. They are cost effective and start paying back from the day one. In addition to this, it is an environmentally friendly to our planet.

Attention Ecological Tourism Resort
Ecological Tourism Resort

MonoSun specializes in designing and installing PV Systems for resorts. We have engineers who can provide you with free estimates based on your exact power needs.

MonoSun provide robust reliable tried and tested proven solar energy systems.
Our products meet and in some cases exceed the international recognized standards. Our systems and most parts come with a warranty and are designed to last well beyond.

The main objectives are to provide solar systems to our customers in order to help save their costs on either electricity or diesel generator fuel bills and to head towards an independent power supply.

Please feel free to contact us for systems installation estimates.