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PV Solar: Various solutions for homes & businesses

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Turning to the sun to provide energy for your home is one of the best investments that you can make. Powering your home with solar panels means you can lower or zero your energy bills. Protect yourself from rising electricity costs and reduce your impact on the environment.
Due to the huge reduction in the cost of solar panels “by over 90% throughout the past 15 years from 250THB per watt to approximately 16THB per watt since we started business Est. 2006”. Due to increased enhanced technology and mass production.
No better time than now. To install a solar system for your home or business. Generally in most cases. A standard Grid-Tie system can pay for itself within 3 to 4 years. Warranty power out for PV modules are generally 25 plus years.


This a PV Solar System to either power part or all of the home electrical appliances, either in conjunction with or without connecting to the National Grid as a supplement depending on your requirements..
Now home owners can generate their own clean energy to power the entire home effortlessly. Ignore old myths that solar is not suitable for air-conditioning and pumps etc. The solar available these days can support anything from a light bulb to an entire village.

The two main limiting factors regarding PV system size & type as to what you can power is:

  • Suitable area available for the solar panels/modules “roof or ground”. With no shading from the sun.
  • Budget to purchase and install a system. “For example, Grid Tie with storage backup are most economical due to no requirement for batteries”. 

Other than the above two limitations. MonoSun can design supply build and install highly cost efficient system to power basically anything electrical from small 12 Volts Off-Grid lights fans and pumps for huts, small eco-style beach bungalows etc. up to 220Volt single Phase or 380Volts Three Phase mains grid equivalent On or Off Grid home and business energy requirements.
No project is too small nor too large for us.


Basically a system which converts sunlight into usable electricity. Solar panels produce DC (Direct Current) electricity. This DC electricity is run through a computer controlled solar inverter to produce AC (Alternating Current) electricity equivalent to specification to match the national grid supply

What else will I need other than a solar panel?
  • Solar panels (Note: The solar panels are only 30% to 40% of a complete solar system cost)
  • Solar inverter for mains powered equipment
  • Charge controller. (In the case of Hybrid or Off-Grid)
  • And the following parts.
  • And a good solar installer
    MonoSun have our own in-house local specialized installer teams. But you are welcome to buy our parts and arrange your own install as a DIY project. We supply many other solar installers and dealers with wholesale parts.
    Once turned on, the system works autonomously. Built almost entirely of electronics, the entire system requires very little maintenance to operate and lasts for years and years. Panels power out is guaranteed for 25 years and proven to keep producing well beyond that.

Worry no more. Simply contact us to arrange a free quote based on a site survey to asses suitability placing and give advice what’s the best setup for you objective and budget.

We are dedicated to help others interested in clean energy to abstain their goals and full potential with solar. We achieve this not only by supplying the best international quality products at lowest possible cost. Our expertise in this area goes much further. We offer full design procurement delivery and install service. 
Installation time for a standard Grid-Tie PV solar system by our experienced engineers and installers is generally half to one day per Kwp PV array. For example a 5Kwp Grid-Tie system install by MonoSun takes approx. 3 to 5 days and so forth, pending install complexity access mounting fitting and cable runs etc.
Hybrid & Off-Grid require a few more days longer due the more complex battery setup and appliance load balancing to suite.

Monosun On Grid PV solar page201110th test11
  • Reduce or zero your Electricity Bill
  • Generates passive saving opposed to using national grid utility power.
  • Guaranteed long life span, minimum spare part replacement and very low maintenance over 25 years
  • Reduces you carbon foot print


  • Existing grid infrastructure.
  • Can install and size system to either supplement or zero bills
  • No need for charge controller only Inverter.
  • One off investment recover within 3 to 4 years at a rate of 4 to5 THB per watt Grid electricity. Faster when higher
  • Very low maintenance
Monosun PV solar page Offgrid201110th test11
  • Reduce or zero your Electricity Bill
  • Generates passive saving opposed to using national grid utility power.
  • Guaranteed long life span, minimum spare part replacement and very low maintenance over 25 years
  • Reduces you carbon foot print


  • No Grid needed
  • Specific detailed system design & sizing to match appliance loads
  • Require PWM or MPPT charge controllers to support batteries and Inverter to power AC appliances.
  • Larger upfront investment due to batteries recover on average within 5 to 8 years in comparison the Grid electric. Faster Vs Diesel generator
  • Higher maintenance, battery replacement within 25 years

Types of PV Solar Systems MonoSun offer & how they work?

1) Grid-Tie PV Solar System (Also known as an On-Grid System)

“No storage batteries required”

Grid-Tie PV Solar systems are the most popular and widely used
  • Very cost effective with modern technology.
  • They are the most reliable longest lasting PV system type for homes and business.
  • Ideal for self-consumption in order to substantially reduce or eliminate electricity bills based on the system size of your choice.


Generate free electricity to either reduce Electricity Bills re self-consumption or sell the power produced when Feed In Tariffs FIT incentives are available. Note: Grid-Tie systems only work when connected to a mains live grid as part of its integral anti islanding international standard safety feature. If there is a grid power cut. The Grid Tie solar system will shut down.
Should you have a requirement for backup while the grid is down or non-existent? (See section 2 & 3 below. Off-Grid & Hybrid Solar).

Basic Principal

The solar energy is used first to support appliances. The remaining balance electricity required is supported from the utility grid. All fully automated by the Grid Tie inverter.
The electricity bill can be reduced by however much one requires. “up to 100% pending the system size of your choice”.

A Grid Tie system is connected via the MDB (Main Distribution Board) fuse box in the home. The PV Solar will supply power to the home appliances first. It does not matter if the solar system is lower output versus the overall power requirement.
When the PV solar inverter detects the solar output insufficient. The inverter will automatically detect and draw only the additional amount of electricity required from the National Utility Grid to provide the balance required as a supplement to the solar. If any excess PV solar power produced. The excess can be fed back to the grid in locations where it is allowed to obtain FIT or take back as from the daytime excess credit through the meter at night if your main meter is bi-directional.

Regardless availability of government incentives or not. Solar is still very worthwhile. However do keep in mind solar panels are only 30 to 40% the cost of a complete solar system.

Note: if the grid shuts down. A Grid-Tie solar system will also stop working (Anti Islanding). Protect line workers.
All our grid tie related inverters have Anti Islanding to a high international standard and certification. This is a standard feature with reputable Grid-Tie inverters. They cannot function or generate electricity during a Grid failure “blackout or power outage” due to safety in regards to utility line workers etc. If backup power is required to cover any grid outages.
We suggest you consider one of our Grid-Tie hybrid or Off-Grid system with backup batteries. (See section 3 below on Hybrid systems).

We can provide ROI predictions with our Grid Tie quotes. This info is realistic and based on a combination of historical data from our solar systems installed locally over the past 15+ years and solar radiation data from NASA.

Simply let us know the following for a system quote.

  • How much % would like to save on your average monthly electricity bill?
  • How much are your average monthly electricity bills, including VAT and Tariffs on your bills?
  • Cost per Kwh Unit? (Bill total cost/Units used)
  • Total Kwh or units used per month from your bill? (Or simple send as a copy of some average bills.
  • Inform or picture of your electric meter to decipher if it is 1 phase or 3 Phase power supply to your property.
  • Would you require battery backup to cover for grid failures/blackouts?
    To provide a very rough idea cost difference. A hybrid system with battery cost in the region of 100,000 to 200,000THB plus above than of a Standard Grid Tie only inverter with no battery backup.
  • Is most of your power used daytime or nighttime?

The above info provides us with a good starting point to prepare a site survey and advice on the most suitable system type, sizes and approx. costs of the various options we can offer based on your objectives and property.

Generally the 2018-2019 FIT solar incentive in Thailand have been very low (During 1919-2020 the rate was only 1.69THB Per Kw), Thus not really beneficial to sell excess solar for 1.69THB/ Kwh when you can use all the free solar power produced for self-consumption to offset the higher cost of grid equivalent power usually around 4.7THB per watt FT and VAT included.
Private estates and islands tend to be higher rate in the range of 7 to 10THB per unit. Thus faster ROI for locations with these higher rates. In some cases we have obtained ROI well within 2 years.

2) Stand Alone Off-Grid Solar Systems

How does it work?

An Off-Grid System is similar to a Grid-Tie. However instead of sending excess power to the utility you charge and store it in LiFePO4 Lithium or lead-acid AGM/GEL sealed deep cycle batteries.

An off-grid system can be completely independent of the electric utility grid.

(Some have option to backup battery charging from diesel generators or the grid in the event of insufficient solar during long dark cloudy days)
Off-Grid is very valuable in remote areas where there are no existing power lines.
For this reason, they are popular for remote island beach bungalows, cabins and homes far from the electricity grid.
Farm plantations, fisheries, boats and yachts all benefit from solar in comparison to using diesel generators for electricity supply.
In addition they can supply an uninterruptible power supply.
Due to the added battery cost these systems are generally more expensive than grid connect.
The inverter must be carefully sized to match the equipment one wants to power on backup battery mode.
The reduction in cost of Lithium batteries along with longer battery life in the region or 10 to 20 years plus. Makes Off-Grid and Hybrid solar far more feasible option than ever before.
Save hundreds of thousands THB over the years compared to running Diesel generators or running long power lines.

3) On/Off Grid Hybrid System

“With storage batteries”

The hybrid system is a great turnkey solution to help reduce your energy bills and provide continuous power for Unstable Grid area.

How does it work?

Combining energy storage with a grid connection to your property, hybrid systems can provide the flexibility of being able to store the energy you generate during the day instead of feeding it back into the grid. The energy that you generate during the day is not wastefully fed back into the grid with minimal financial return to you. This energy is stored and can be used whenever you like.

A hybrid system combines the best of on-grid and off-grid system: The convenience of a grid connected system with the extra peace of mind of a battery backup. This mean that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity and all is automatic.
However the items to be powered must be within the maximum watt rating limits of the Hybrid inverter and batteries. In some cases backup load appliances may have to be rewired onto a separate backup items circuit via and (ATS) Automatic transfer switch.

Some of our Hybrid systems can also be designed to work Off-Grid or On-Grid only if required.
Utilizing the grid only for backup during long cloudy periods etc.

Sounds interesting isn’t it?

Contact us today to know more. Arrange a property suitability survey & obtain a quote for your solar to start reaping the benefits of the Sun’s power

4) Handy solar items for the home, hobby and more…….
  • Micro inverters.
    A low cost way to be green with only 1 to 4 PV solar panels plugged into a house socket. Supplement electricity for your home appliances in conjunction with the national grid.
    For example to cover the running cost of your fridge or other appliances using in the range of 2500 to 5000 Watts per day.

  • Solar swimming pool pump inverters
    Convert existing AC pool or well pump to run off solar.
  • LED solar underwater safe 12 Volt DC Lights for swimming pools.
  • Garden and landscape solar light conversions AC to small solar powered battery kits.
  • Mini portable solar system to provide computers, fish tank pumps, lights and small shacks etc.
    In order to provide an uninterrupted power supply.
  • DC Solar fans, fridges, air conditioners DC & Add solar mini off-grid & hybrid kits for specific AC appliance.