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Koh Yao Noi, With new technology Lithium Long Life Batteries in 2018.

This system produces the following approximate savings per year 14,590 Kilowatt Hour electricity units

63,467 THB compared to Grid Electricity consumption 10.08 Tons of CO2 pollution prevented from going into the atmosphere, every year.



Design / Manufacturer or Brand

Type system

8.4 Kwp PV Solar System  Monosun Techonology Co.,Ltd

 Array panel type

28 x 300Wp 60 Cells (1650x992mm) All Black Mono-Crystalline


 Inverter type 

  2 x 5Kw Single Phase Hybrid Inverter


 Battery type

 4 x 112Ah 48Volt LiFePo4 Solar Batteries