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Deep Cycle AGM/Gel solar batteries MSHTL12-250Ah ………………….(Special offer clearance sale 60% off only 4 left)


High Temperature Long Life GEL Battery MSHTL12-250

Dimension: 520x269x203 mm.

Weight: 71.3kg

Maintenance free Deep Cycle AGM/Gel solar batteries ( Designed for longer life in tropical locations temp up to 50deg C )

  1. The HTL series uses the newly developed nano gel electrolyte with
    super-C additive plus heavy duty plates design inside. The HTL series
    has a long service life and can provide optimum and reliable service
    under extreme condition such as high temperature and frequent power
    failure, This series is highly suited for tropical area in outdoor
    applications such as Telecom BTS stations and Off-grid PV system.

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Weight 71.3 kg
Dimensions 520 × 269 × 203 mm